The Nutritional value of Sohan

Being heedful to the materials used in producing Sohan is the most important since Sohan has the following elements:
•Protein •carbohydrate •Vitamins A, B, and F •Amino Acid •Lecithin •fat acids which are absorbable •Cholesterol oil for facilitating the digestion •low fluoric (since the low Wa and the oil dominates the water, and the high temperature during baking and the high durability)

It produces a lot of energy (per 100 grams, 9.572 kilo calorie will be released.
Since in this product the wheat germ is used, we see the abundance of protein and it is the great source of vitamins _B, C, and E_ and the mineral elements. Besides, the phosphorous, calcium, and magnesium are in it and, it can be concluded that the main characteristic of Sohan lies in the wheat germ.
In the traditional medicine, the wheat germ is used as follows:
•Preventing the osteosis •Eliminating the blood infection •Helping the growth and development among the children •Reinforcing the women after childbearing •Applying it as the tranquilizer

Wheat germ has the natural sugar and this quality help store the energy in muscles and cause improvement in muscles and it prevent the tiredness. In producing the Sohan, the butter or margarine is used.
By adding the oil to the Sohan, the calorie will be increased and this helps to improve its taste, smell, durability, besides chewing. To be sure, among the oils, the butter is more delicious and when it is mixed with sugar and cardamom the Toffy-taste is added to Sohan. But remember that the butter increases your cholesterol, triglyceride and your weight. In producing the Sohan, Sugar is also used for sweetening, colour improvement, and more importantly, it is used as the preservative. The nutrient value of Sohan is also increased by using the yolk _since yolk contains the protein, fat, and vitamins. This helps the freshness and fragility existed in Sohan.
Since the colour and the taste are crucial, the saffron is used in baking Sohan. But, unfortunately, some of the Sohan factories, which are illegitimate and do not have the work permission, uses the artificial dyestuff and turmeric instead of saffron so as to hide the product’s defects and demerits. They also used the low-quality oil instead of animal fats.
The artificial dyestuff which are the result of the chemical substances can cause the health hazards such as cancer and the nerve problems; therefore, they are abandoned to use according to the WHO. Also, when the low-quality oil is used in preparing this product, when it is heated, the Sohan sticks to each other and becomes polymerized and stats to burn and, therefore, the acrolein will be produced. Acrolein is the hazardous material and it can cause the liver cancer, Accordingly, using the saffron and the high-quality oils which are resistant to the high temperature is one of the necessities in baking the Sohan. So, avoid the purchasing the Sohan without any brand and the health ID.

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